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Andrew S. Iraniha, M.D., F.A.C.S.Hernia affects both men and women. It usually occurs due to extreme strain on the abdominal wall like strain from constant coughing, considerable weight gain, difficulty with urination or bowel movement or lifting heavy objects. Hernia can also occur due to a weak area in the abdominal wall. Its symptoms usually include a dull painful sensation, a visible protrusion in the abdomen or in the groin area, a vague sense of fullness, feeling pain when lifting objects and nausea.
See your hernia specialist right away if you’re experiencing these symptoms. Sometimes, surgery is needed even if you don’t feel pain. Your hernia specialist will make the proper diagnosis and determine the right treatment for your situation.

Laparoscopic Surgery

A thin, telescope-like tool called laparoscope is inserted through a tiny incision at the belly button or umbilicus. Laparoscopic surgery is done under general anesthesia and that is why patients require an assessment of their general health condition prior to the surgery. The laparoscope is attached to a small video camera that shows an inside view of the body on the television screen inside the operating room.
Carbon dioxide, a nontoxic gas, is used to inflate the abdomen to let the hernia specialist view the patient’s internal structures. Each incision is less than half a centimeter and after the procedure, it is closed with surgical tape or a stitch or two. The incisions are barely visible after they heal. This procedure also offers less pain and faster healing period.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a sophisticated form of minimally invasive surgery where the hernia specialist uses a robotic platform to help them perform the surgical procedure. The robotic platform enable the hernia specialist to perform the surgery with precision and dexterity.
Hernia should not be left untreated as doing so could lead to severe complications. Once you suspect that you have hernia, schedule an appointment with Dr. Iraniha hernia specialist right away.

Why Choose Dr. Iraniha Hernia Specialist?

Dr Iraniha Hernia Specialist

Dr. Iraniha hernia specialist is committed to providing the most sophisticated robotic, laparoscopic and general surgical procedures available today. As an experienced hernia specialist, Dr. Iraniha aims to provide patients with a relaxed and professional environment for the assessment and treatment of their condition. Most of the surgical procedures are done with minimally invasive procedure to ensure that patients will feel less pain and scarring.
Dr. Iraniha hernia specialist specializes in:
•    Inguinal hernia repair
•    Spleen removal
•    Colon resection
•    Gall bladder removal
Using only the most advanced robotic surgery technology, Dr. Iraniha hernia specialist is able to perform surgical procedures with a higher degree of dexterity and precision to guarantee its success. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Iraniha will determine the right surgical procedure for the patient’s situation. To schedule your consultation, please call Dr Iraniha at (949) 646-8444.